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A truly savvy approach to nutrition

Whether you have no clue where to start and feel totally overwhelmed by conflicting nutrition information, or are confident but would like to check with a professional, Savita can help with your nutrition needs. 

My nutrition ethos 

Nutrition has an immense impact on how we feel in our bodies and minds. I believe a good diet is simple - taking out the drama and going 'back-to-basics' focussing on a  range of quality wholefoods cooked in ways that are achievable and sustainable when you're pressed for time, and that you look forward to eating!

I support a scientific evidence-based and integrative-holistic approach. By understanding the factors contributing to your health, the biochemical processes underlying these and drilling down into nutrition-related the root causes, we can tailor our strategies to address what's holding you back. I work with you to help determine what changes will be of most value given your story, circumstances and preferences helping you feel confident being in the driving seat for your own nutrition.


What can I help you with?

As an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, I have a broad range of training covering many acute and chronic health conditions as well as nutrition for various stages of life. Send me a message using the button below to check in and if I'm the right dietitian for you! 

My interests include: 

Digestive health and gastroenterology: gut symptoms (including bloating, nausea, constipation, diarrhoea, poor appetite, reflux), IBS & IBD, coeliac disease, food intolerances, food chemical sensitivities, elimination diets (including low histamine), and gut support after antibiotics, managing medication side effects.


Women's health: menopause and peri-menopause, PCOS, endometriosis, hypothalamic amenorrhoea, irregular or painful periods, PMS & PMDD, pre-conception nutrition. 


Neurodivergency: ASD, ADHD, OCD & more. 


Mental health: chronic stress and burn out, anxiety, depression, relationship with food - binge eating, food fears related to gut reactions, ARFID & more.


Hypermobility, autoimmunity & more: coeliac disease, connective tissue and hypermobility disorders (including hEDS & comorbidities MCAS, POTS), ME/CFS, chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

Chronic disease: high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, liver disease, pre-diabetes & diabetes.

General healthy eating, meal planning and preparation, advocating for NDIS.

I cannot currently assist with: supporting you with the logistics of home enteral nutrition (e.g. tube feeding), anorexia nervosa focussed counselling. 

The process

  • What's the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?
    The International Confederation of Dietetic Associations defines a dietitian as "a professional that applies the science of food and nutrition to promote health, prevent and treat disease to optimise the health of individuals, groups, communities and populations." University-qualified dietitians and nutritionists are both considered experts in evidence-based healthy eating. Nutritionists focus on nutrition in a broader context, such as public health, policy, research and community health, rather than a in one-on-one settings. It's important to note that the term 'Nutritionist' isn't regulated, so anyone can promote themselves as this regardless of qualifications. Dietitians are also Nutritionists, and can provide all of this and more. We undergo specialised training and are qualified to work with individuals one-on-one to provide additional therapy for complex medical conditions. We maintain professional standards and are required to keep up to date with ongoing learning which is monitored by our regulatory body, Dietitians Australia. So if you're seeking specific nutrition advice, it's likely a dietitian will suit your needs best.
  • Do I need a GP referral?
    You do not need a GP referral! You can book in directly with me via the enquiry link below. To take advantage of Medicare rebates for dietetic consults, eligible individuals can be referred by a GP for the management an ongoing condition, under a Chronic Disease Management 'CDM' plan. Under my current fee structure, this will leave an out-of-pocket payment for all dietetic appointments.
  • Can I organise my blood tests through you?
    Unfortunatley I cannot order pathology tests for you (including blood, stool and functional testing). I reccomend working with a GP you trust, which is handy as they can also oversee your care. Through GPs, many routine pathology tests can be bulk billed, with no out-of-pocket cost to you. Always ask for a copy of your results, and remember to bring these along. They're an important piece of the puzzle and can provide valuable insight to inform our nutrition strategies.
  • What rebates are available?
    Medicare: Your GP can refer you to me under a Chronic Disease Management 'CDM' plan if you are eligible (usually ongoing management of a condition). This can provide a $55.10 rebate (as of 2021) for each allocated consult. This also covers telehealth and phone consults until 31 Dec 2021. In the referral, your GP will email me your care plan, and will be updated on what we cover so they can help to support you and your goals. Australian Private Health Funds: Most insurance plans provide a rebate for dietetic consults, however the level of cover for each plan will be different. Make sure you check for your specific policy. I am endeavouring for on-the-spot claims to be available for in-person consults. For online or phone consults, an invoice will be emailed to you within 2 days which can be lodged with your healthcare provider. For our clinic to be able to provide these rebates we need to secure a physical location. This is still being finalised (finger's crossed we will know very soon!). We'll keep this tab up to date.
  • Do you bulk bill?
    I am committed to providing a high quality service, and have undergone additional training to ensure you get the best possible support. Given this, it is not viable to provide this quality with the rebates currently available by Medicare or Australian Private Health Funds, so there will be an out-of-pocket cost for most consults. See FAQ 'What rebates are available?'.
  • I'd like to hear about your results from other clients! Do you have any testimonials?
    Everybody is different, and the results someone else's experiences will not be the same as yours. As part of Dietitians Australia's Code of Professional Conduct and Statement of Ethical Practice (as well as our overseeing regulatory body, APHRA), Dietitians are not allowed to promote testimonials. If you need reassurance about whether I'd be a valuable health professional to you, you're more than welcome to ask about my experience treating people with similar conditions to you, or any additional queries inclduing about financial commitments and potential lifestyle changes.
  • Do you provide meal plans?
    I avoid handing out generic meal plans as we all have different health goals, nutritional needs, taste preferences and budgets (I could list a million reasons!). I totally understand that meal plans can provide structure and make change a lot less daunting though. If a meal plan will help you feel more confident in reaching your dietary goals, we can book in a 60 minute review session to design one together and work through adjacent strategies, such as writing shopping lists and how to plan in advance.
  • I'm not 100% sure that I'm ready to change my diet, but I know improving this would help my health and I want to learn more. Can you help?"
    Definitely! I understand that the prospect of making dietary changes can seem totally daunting and out of reach for a number of reasons. I work with you and your goals - if you're just seeking some individualised advice from a professional and help with finding solutions to overcome obstacles, I'll support you with this. Knowledgeable patients are empowered patients.

Appointment pricing

Initial consult (60 mins)

+45 mins admin time

Review consult (30 mins)

+30 mins admin time

Long review consult (60 mins)

+20 mins admin time

Long initial consult (90 mins)

for complex medical histories or those seeking additional time, +45 mins admin time





Consult prices effective from Nov 1st 2023. 

The current (as of July 2023, confirm this with your GP or Medicare) Medicare Chronic Disease Management plan rebate is $58.00 per consult (or more if you have reached the Safety Net), using the following item numbers: 

10954 Dietetic Consultation - Face to Face

93000 Dietetic Consultation - Telehealth

82350 Dietetic Consult, Eating Disorder Plan - Face to Face 

93074 Dietetic Consult, Eating Disorder Plan - Telehealth 

Rebates for Australian Private Health Funds are also available. Please check with your individual provider as to your level of cover. 

Appt pricing
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