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Presentations & mentoring

On request, Savita provides 1-on-1 or small group mentoring to other dietitians and allied health professionals interested in upskilling in nutrition for hypermobility EDS, MCAS, POTS and neurodivergency. 

In her last few years in clinic, Savita has assisted over 400 clients with hypermobility and chronic illness and stays up to date with training, professional medical & health team networks and research in this space.


Group workshops & presentations

Perfect for clinics & health teams wanting to learn more about nutrition for hypermobility. Can be tailored to your needs - either more structured or allowing more time for case study discussion and Q&As. I love including hands-on activities for in person workshops too! 

Cost: $165 for 1 hour, via video call or in person (Brisbane/Sunshine Coast) 


For individuals or up to groups of up to three practitioners wanting to learn more about any area of hypermobility nutrition within my scope. Led by your questions and case studies.

Topics can include: supplements, accessing NDIS & services, mast cell, meal planning for neurodivergency, POTS management, fecal loading, gastrointestinal & bowel symptoms, and more! 

Not covered: enteral & parenteral nutrition (outside my scope and experience)

Cost: $125 per 45 minutes, via Zoom video call 

Scheduling a session 

To enquire about mentoring and workshops, email Savita at

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