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Low(er) Histamine Resource Kit

Low(er) Histamine Resource Kit


Are you already following a low(er)er histamine diet but sick of eating the same five meals - instead looking to add fun and variety? Struggling to think of what other foods could be safe to explore? Or wanting to know what other diet and lifestyle factors within your control (apart from lowering histamine intake) that you can work on? You're in the right place! 


This is not a step-by-step guide of how to do a low histamine diet (this is best suited to individualised healthcare), but rather an overview of what's happening in your body and the key nutrition and lifestyle factors which impact histamine intolerance in people with hypermobility and mast cell activation (and how to get started on these so you may not need to be as restrictive with nutrition!).


Combining expert nutrition knowledge with practical meal inspo & planning tools, our eGuide contains nutrition advice and food ideas to help you find ease and clairty on your journey with histamine.


This eGuide includes:

  • Histamine & MCAS 101 - what's happening, why am I experiencing these symptoms?  
  • Low(er) histamine shopping list 
  • Comprehensive overview of lifestyle factors which affect MCAS & histamine intolerance - and how to start addressing them with your healthcare team
  • Main meal planner to help you with low(er) histamine planning 
  • Bulk cooking recipe inspo for those days you just don't know what to cook
  • Storing, preparing and cooking food in low(er) histamine ways 
  • Visual DIY snack guide (sweet & savoury) using pictures of Australian supermarket products
  • BONUS Food Reaction Tracking Chart (Excel) 


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