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Gut-Brain-Axis Exercise Sessions

Held by our experienced Dietitian Aleisha, these thirty minute sessions are designed to develop and implement practical mindfulness strategies to support gut-brain health and manage symptoms.

the vagus nerve connects the gut & brain

We understand that in conditions with 

Most digestive symptoms are are involved int eh pathways of the gut brain axis 

Practicing is important. When we need to implement these strategies, we cna often feel ???

Who can benefit from GBAE sessions? 

What can GBAE sessions be used for?


All clients of Savvy Dietetics can book in for our GBAE sessions, as long as you have had an Initial Consultation with either Savita or Aleisha. 

GBAE sessions are tailored to your needs. We often use the part of your first session to create a few goals alongside a plan. A few areas that GBAE sessions could help with include: 

  • Food reintroductions with MCAS - do you have any foods that you've been wanting to introduce but feel to scared to do this? Even after working on gut health & symptoms, trialling foods that you've not had in a while can be daunting! Aleisha can guide you through breathwork and provide support while you trial that food you've been wanting to reintroduce. With MCAS, doing what we can to support good nervous system regulation (breathing, hydration, etc) can help to reduce mast cell degranulation in some cases. This can also help to set you up for success with future reintroductions! 

  • Managing digestive symptoms

    • Practicing breathwork exercises to calm Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD) attacks - do you find that food, tablets or liquids can 'get stuck' around the middle of your throat? Or big food, fragrance or environmental triggers can leave you struggling to breathe in properly or swallow? In some cases, this can be related to VCD. We can teach and help to implement SOS & routine mindfulness strategies which can help to manage this.

    • Bloating, reflux, gut pain and more can all improve with daily mindfulness - Aleisha can help you to create a set of strategies that you enjoy & benefit from 

  • ​Relationship with food 

    • Disassociating while eating, or struggling to eat mindfully? ​

Pricing: The same as our Standard Review Consultations - $110 for 30mins.

Mindfulness isn't just about meditation; it's about understanding how our thoughts and emotions impact our gut health. Alice will guide you through exercises that foster awareness and relaxation, empowering you to manage digestive symptoms effectively.

These sessions are particularly beneficial for reintroducing foods you're anxious about, fostering a positive relationship with food, and using breathwork to alleviate digestive discomfort. Whether you're navigating dietary challenges or seeking to enhance overall wellness, join Alice as she combines expertise with practical strategies to support your gut-brain health journey.

Ready to prioritize your well-being from within? Discover the transformative power of mindfulness on your digestive health with Alice today.

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