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Networks of Excellence

Ehlers Danlos Society recognised clinical networks

The Ehlers Danlos Society created their Centers & Networks of Excellence (CNE) program to improve the availability of services and quality of multidisciplinary care for people impacted by HSD & EDS. 

For a network to be approved it has to meet strict entry criteria to ensure all clinicians have demonstrated expertise in this area and a commitment to cross-team-communication and both providing and participating in ongoing education. Savita is part of two CNEs.

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Connected Health Alliance

Led by experienced Physiotherapist Nicole Frost from Flex-Ability Physio, we founded Connected Health Alliance to provide coordinated multidisciplinary care for people living with EDS/HSD and related conditions. 

As one of 38 Centres and Networks of Excellence globally, our network provides collaborative patient care to improve individual outcomes, increase access to quality care, perform clinical research, and deliver medical education for the EDS community adn those that care for them. We regularly engage in case conferences and provide peer support, consultation advice, and education for clinicians working in this space.

Patients are welcomet o access care with any or all of the clinicians in ths network. Once a patient is under the care of one network member, with their consent, health information can be shared between network members to facilitate care.


  • Nicole Frost (she/her), Physiotherapist, Flex-Ability Physio (Network Lead) 


  • Dr Megan Thomas (they/them), Specialist General Practitioner, Ochre Wollongong ​

    • ​

  • Savita Sandhu (she/her), Dietitian, Savvy Dietetics

Australian EDS & HSD Network


  • Bianca Comfort, Clinical Psychologist, Comfort Psychology (Co-Lead) 

  • Jacqui Main, Exercise Physiologist, Dizzy hEDS & Co (Co-Lead) 

  • Jade Brodie, Physiotherapist, Lifecare 

  • Caelum Schild, Exercise Physiologist, Lofty Wellness

  • Molly Schild, Occupational Therapist, Lofty Wellness

  • Dr Rebecca Ryan, Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist 

  • Jennifer Smallridge, Exercise Physiologist 

  • Dr Kunal Verma, Geneticist & Cardiologist, Progenics 

  • Savita Sandhu, Dietitian, Savvy Dietetics 

Australian EDS & HSD Network combines a broad of experienced clinicians across Australia, striving for 

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