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Welcome to Savvy Dietetics! We are a small team passionate about helping clients with complex gastrointestinal symptoms make sense of their health and navigate a path forwards. 

You may have a few symptoms that really bug you, a condition that's been diagnosed, or perhaps you're somewhere in between. We get what it's like navigating healthcare and life with invisible illnesses, and we're here to help. 

Our Dietitians Savita and Aleisha at Savvy Dietetics
What can we help with?

As Accredited Practicing Dietitians, Savita & Aleisha can support you with a variety of health concerns. Special interests of our clinic include: 

Hypermobility & Co

Including hEDS & HSD, POTS, MCAS and Vascular Compression Syndromes. Savita has lived experience.

Nutrient Deficiencies & Evidence-based Supplements

Identification & management of suboptimal nutrient levels via diet and supplements with your GP. And use of nutraceutical supplements.

Gastrointestinal Health

You name it, we'll try to  help! Allergies, intolerances, upper and lower gut concerns, malnutrition & more. We're gut microbiome nerds  

Women's & AFAB Health

Including heavy painful periods, endometrosis & adenomyosis, HA, PCOS, menopause.

AFAB: Assigned Female at Birth


Affirming approaches to working with Autistic clients and those with ADHD, OCD, ARFID, neurodivergent burn out & more.


Letters, reports & more for NDIS (both applying for NDIS and accessing Nutrition Assistive Technology) and whatever is needed to reduce barriers!

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Phone & Fax: nil

IG: @savvydietetics, @hypermobility.dietitian

Our Time Zone: AEST/Bris (no daylight savings)

Days we work: Tue, Wed, Thu

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